Professional Deck Cleaning: Pressure Washer Techniques

Many homeowners are faced with cleaning their deck, but without a professional pressure washer, it can be tough to know how to get the job done. This blog post will discuss how to use a pressure washer on your deck and what you need for it to work best. We’ll also provide some tips for staining your deck so that it looks new!

A pressure washer can be a very effective tool to clean your deck. Not only does it remove dirt, but also mold and mildew. This is an essential part of maintaining the longevity of your deck or patio.

It’s best to use a gas-powered machine instead of an electric one because they are more powerful, which is necessary to remove dirt and mold.

If you want an even more powerful machine, consider using a commercial grade pressure washer that can be rented from home improvement stores or other outlets. These machines are typically used by professionals who need the extra power for large jobs such as removing paint off brick walls (which is very difficult).

It’s a good idea to use a pressure washer on an overcast day, so the water doesn’t dry too quickly and cause stains or damage.

It will help if you also had some rubber gloves available if you get hit with any water from the pressure washer while it is running. Since this could be very painful, could you not use it without gloves?

To clean the deck:

  1. Turn off all water sources and make sure they are not leaking anywhere in your home or backyard.
  2. Don’t worry about turning off the pressure washer because when you’re done, turn it back on if necessary to remove any excess dirt from its components after cleaning is finished.
  3. Start the pressure washer and hold the wand head close to or directly on top of your deck. You should move it around first before you let go, as this will cause minor damage if any at all because no water can drip down from above onto your wood surface after cleaning is finished.

The machine must never be held too high up over a deck or patio because this could also cause damage.

It’s best to start with the sides of your deck and then move on to its top. As you’re doing so, avoid any railings as they can be easily broken if hit by a spray of water from even a small pressure washer nozzle setting, which would likely happen if you started with the top deck section.

Before you move onto the next portion of your deck, make sure to clean off any dirt and debris from all surfaces by hand first. This will allow for a better final result as only one layer of grime is removed instead of two or more if done in reverse order. Also, this will prevent unnecessary machine wear and tear later on.

Finally, remember to let your deck fully dry after the pressure washing process is finished before you walk over it again because any residue from water left behind could become slippery. This can cause serious accidents that result in injuries or even death if someone falls off a second-story deck or patio.